Empowering HM Group: Successful Advertising Strategy".

The Client

Location: France
HM Group, specialised in solar panels, has positioned itself as a benchmark in the sector thanks to its commitment to renewable energy and sustainability. Their focus on quality and innovation distinguishes them as a leader in the solar energy market.


During the period July 2023 Creatiklab developed and implemented a comprehensive marketing strategy for HM Group, focusing primarily on search advertising. Using a combination of Dynamic Search Ads (DSA), Standard Search and Keyword Ad Group Strategies (SKAG), the aim was to improve the company's online visibility and performance in order to achieve qualified leads.


The data shows a remarkable increase in the performance of HM Group's advertising campaigns. 1410 leads were recorded, with a significant decrease in cost per conversion while maintaining lead quality. CPC being high at 5.25€ on average has been and still is a big challenge.


The total investment of 197.000Euros resulted in significant improvements in the visibility and performance of HM Group's advertising campaigns. This strategic approach has strengthened HM Group's position in the solar panel market and contributed to its continued growth in the renewable energy sector. We achieved 1410 highly qualified leads which enabled a higher conversion rate into sales.

How 07/2023 started

Clicks: 0€

Conversions: 0

How it's going now in 2024

Increase in initial investment 197.000€ – 8 Months

Leads: 1410 (CPC – 5.25€)


At Creatiklab, we have demonstrated our ability to design and execute highly effective strategies that have led to a remarkable increase in the visibility and profitability of HM Group's online business.

This is what they say about us.

Vania Ujevic

They are very professional, fast, committed and technically very good. 100% recommendable!

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