What Google Ads is and how it works (Adwords)

Google ADs (Adwords): an effective tool that will take your business off

In this technological age, businesses with physical establishments went to the background (although they are no longer necessary and important) but, now those that have an even more significant relevance are those on the internet offering quality services and who have better references and credibility in sales because, if something has changed, it is the way to buy.

People no longer want to leave their home or work to buy any kind of product because, for no one it is a secret that on the web you can get anything at a good price and also with home service. For this reason, many companies have decided, for their sake, to become present on the internet, the problem is that sometimes they do not even know how to do it, they have no idea how to present themselves and position themselves as a brand so, they end up investing time and money in advertisements that do not bear fruit.

If you own one of these companies, we want you to stop taking false steps and, if you are going to start with a new venture, it would be ideal for you to start on a good footing. That’s why it’s super important that you know another one of Google’s wonders. This is Google Adwords or Google Ads, as it’s now known.

What is Google ADs (Adwords)?

Google Adwords is a platform for creating advertising campaigns where the collection system is by clicks. This means, in other words, that when anyone clicks on the advertiser’s post, the advertiser will have to pay Google Ads for the service.

If by chance you have no idea what it is, we present it to you from the beginning, because Google Adwords is an advertising tool that has almost 20 years of experience and, it is almost incredible that many people do not know how powerful this Google service is.

Shortly before the end of 2000, Google began selling ad-style ads, under the premise of exclusivity in its search engine, which means that it would be one of the first results on the search list and for this, the advertiser paid for every thousand impressions generated by that ad.

At the time, it was a rather ambitious bet, since, at that time advertising mostly appeared on websites with very large banners, which were uncomfortable for those who were not interested at all in the product or service offered, therefore, Google Adwords was much more eye-catching. His ads were just texts, which looked interesting without causing discomfort, type: “Increase your revenue with Google AdWords”.

Over the years, they added the options to do that advertising with photos and videos on sites that belonged to Google, such as the search engine, Gmail, Maps or Youtube and, today, has also spread to other spaces on the web and mobile apps.

However, it took several years for Google to reach the charge for ad clicks. In addition, an important transition emerged to move from simple ad lines to eye-catching texts that would incite yes or yes to that click.

Having clarified what Google Adwords is, we would like to dispel the doubts that exist about what is this program for? This tool, as we said at the beginning of these lines, is so effective that it will help you take off your business, very effectively and organically because, without a doubt, with the scope it has, no advertising company will be able to position its brand like Google. In short, it serves specifically to reach many more people.

1 – Functions

Let’s go a little deer. Google Adwords it uses what is known as inbound marketing to reach the consumer, this means that people only see the ads when they are looking for something related not because some kind of digital tool has been used to reach the user and once the person is already where they want, the ad is able to attract the user without having to uncomfortable it. It’s a non-intrusive type of advertising.

Now, even though photos and videos were added, texts on this platform are still more relevant because when a user searches for anything in Google’s browser, the results of that search show them ads, four at the top of the page and three at the end, but that doesn’t end there, so people can go straight to their ad need more than tempting offers.

Actually, for the platform to work 100% turn to the famous keywords or keywords and what is that? Well, these words are as their name says “keys” and also indispensable for users to reach your ad. Google Adwords owns what they call a “keyword planner,” where the future advertiser places some full sentences or loose words that relate to what it offers, that is, if you have a coffee shop, you obviously need to include the word “coffee” and also phrases such as “Cafeteria in the sector (x or y)”.

This is the heart of every ad. The correct choice of keywords is extremely important because each of them has cost but, a positive factor is that the planner indicates the estimated prices of each one so that the advertiser has visualized if the quantity is within their budget. Something even better is that it also gives you the opportunity to analyze each of those words before choosing them and the way you know how often users are looking for them.

So why is it important to have the right keywords? We mentioned earlier that, the search engine in the results shows ads at the top and bottom of the page, well, the appearance and position of those ads are chosen at random and the algorithm will benefit those who have made the best word merge to promote their ad with the first places.

2 – Advantages

You’ll wonder, so what I’m doing is paying for advertising? No, you actually pay for the privilege of having more positioning of your brand then, you may have an excellent business but suddenly you don’t have the right advertising to grow it.

Google Adwords, unlike any other advertising method, provides complete security from the first publication, because no other platform that is advertised can assure you that it will give immediate results to the advertiser. With this Google program, every ad campaign guarantees you traffic from day one, even if your website is absolutely new, it serves as a catapult.

In relation to traffic, Adwords allows you to measure the amount you want from it. This means that the advertiser can choose whether they want, for example, greater flow during those times of the year where their sales number is generally low.

Among the many benefits offered by this program are three very important ones, which will allow you to identify what the real needs of your company are and what you need to get excellent results for it, so you can first choose generate more visits to your website. They assure on their official website, that with this, “increase online sales, bookings, or your databases through ads that take people to your website.”

This is ideal if you are starting out, because it is a quick and effective way to make yourself known.

Second, you can also receive calls,with Adwords increase customer calls through ads that allow them to contact you with a single click,” this option is also excellent although you must be completely sure that you will be able to meet with the demand for calls you receive per day and that you also have the basic conditions to receive them as very good sign and noise-free spaces.

Finally, you can go for the third option that is that of increase visits to your business, for your business, the platform ensures that “attract more customers to your store with ads that allow it to be placed on the map” this is very positive, especially if it has been offering good services for a long time but only the people in your area know you because it helps new and potential customers know your product or service.

3 – Campaigns

If he ever thought that the goodness of Google Adwordscame from, he was wrong. This program, indisputably, is one of the most complete that can exist but is that something else can really be done? The answer is yes. You can choose the type of campaign you like that benefits you as an advertiser, to choose from, you can’t ignore what the brand’s goal is. In other words, if you take the right one, you can optimize your ad to be fruitful.

This is possible, thanks to the variety of campaigns that are available on that platform, you can choose the one you want, for example, the search, which is the most important and which we have talked about so far. A few paragraphs ago we said that this type of campaign was the key to success for Adwords because the user gets there alone, without pressure, which makes it a potential customer because if they are looking for “that” it is because they are willing to invest.

On the other hand, even if the program gives that freedom to the user, it does not mean that it does not bet to captivate it because, many times, people acquire products or services that they did not know they needed but that when they see it gets hooked immediately and for that reason, there is also campaign display, this option is ideal for the advertiser who wants to sell since, you can make use of an eye-catching image or video that achieves the long-awaited click.

There is also the campaign for stores running online, its name is Shopping because it is specifically designed to incentivize the purchase in a pressurized user. It offers details that the rest don’t, such as location, photos, prices, colors and much more. If you have a store, this campaign will hit the nail right.

It’s the turn of the video campaign that, although it’s like an extension of the display it goes separately because in it, almost all the segmentation work falls to Google because, although it is shown to users who have not looked for it properly, previously the platform makes sure to present the product or service to people who have tastes similar to what your company offers you.

You can also choose a universal campaign, which means that users may or may not search for what they see. In other words, if you are looking for it it will appear but if you do not search for it and are browsing a website that relates to your company you will also see it because it will be there if you have not asked for it.

4 – CPC Budget (CostE pOR click)

While we’re already talking about not affecting your budget with the cost of keywords, you can’t set aside investing for what you want to earn, investing if you influence the position your item will get in the search engine otherwise it would be far from profitable for Google, so it’s also important to risk offering a considerable amount for the algorithm and if the money adds a Good ad, rest a lot of insurance that your company will start climbing like foam.

Some people are afraid of pay-per-click, when you really just have to keep in mind that this ad company with Google Adwords is a “win, win”. Many advertisers have offered up to less than a dollar, while more ambitious advertisers have given up to $50 per click and, to compete with them, must be within that range.

We know that managing all these tools is not so easy, if you are new to this digital world and, we are also sure that practice makes the teacher, because it is experience that delivers successful results. In https://www.creatiklab.com/ we are dedicated exclusively to boosting your company, we select the keywords indicated for each product or service and meticulously choose the campaign that adapts to what it offers to guarantee satisfactory results.

We make your ad reach the right audience and generate much more than clicks, we’re going straight for those potential customers to become secure sales. We give you quality advice.


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