What is Google Ad Grants? Find out how Adwords helps NGOs

What is Google Ad Grants? Find out how Adwords helps NGOs

Adwords Google Grant helps NGOsGoogle Grants is another version of Google’s ad platform, AdWords, or better known as Google Ads; which differs by being targeted at independent and non-profit organizations. This program aims to provide free advertising in Google Ads to non-governmental organizations that have well-established, non-profit social initiatives.
This advertising seeks to ensure that these organizations can disseminate through the platform their initiatives and social services, aimed at a larger audience and in order to increase awareness on issues involving them. In turn, free ads offered by Google Ad Grants are made possible by a $10,000 ad credit from Google Ads, which the organization will receive every month as long as it meets the requirements set to be qualified.

1-Google Ad Grants requirements to qualify

More and more NGOs are aiming to use the program offered by Google Ad Grants, looking to enjoy the advantages of it, because with the help of the ads that appear in Google search results will be more people who will be able to know the initiatives and campaigns of those organizations. However, before it can enjoy the benefits, the organization must meet certain criteria necessary in order to be eligible. Once you qualify and start your participation, you must maintain your status, complying with the program policies established by Google Ad Grants.

The requirements to qualify are as follows:

1. The organization must be based in one of the 50 countries google Ad Grants works with.
2. The entity wishing to participate in such a program must have a status that recognizes it as a non-profit charity. Such status must be valid, in force and in accordance with the stipulations of each country.
3. The organization must know and accept the certifications required by Google, with respect to non-discrimination, as well as the receipt and use of donations.
4. The organization must have a complete, high-quality website that, in turn, complies with the website policies established by Google Ad Grants.
5. The NGO concerned must submit a request for participation to Google for Non-Profit Organizations.
If you believe your charity meets the requirements described above, you can submit a request to Google for Nonprofits. Once submitted, you will need to wait for approval through the Ad Grants preselection process.

2-Can any organization submit a request for participation?

The answer is NO. Government organizations or entities, hospitals or medical groups, academic institutions, and universities may not participate in the Google for Nonprofit process. However, philanthropic entities in educational institutions can be part of that program.

3-How does Adwords help NGOs?

Participating in this program can be an important boost for any nonprofit organization, because Google Ad Grants serves the purpose of publicizes the initiatives or events of the entities that are part of it through advertisements.
In addition, based on the different advertisements, these associations will be able to consolidate their name and gain greater reach, by favoring one of the best promotional tools on the web.

4-How does Google Ad Grants work?

In order to collaborate with the different projects of non-profit organizations, achieving greater impact and dynamism in their activities, Google Ad Grants offers an ad program, through which the entity will be able to share a message to everyone and help people know its purpose.
Once your organization is active in the program, you can manage your Google Ad Grants account like any other user, that is, very similar to being a paid user.
Google Ad Grants works in the same way as Google Ads online advertising, because when a user performs a Google search related to information that the organization handles, the ad will appear.
Keep in mind that your ad can stand out if it’s more relevant to the user’s search. That’s why it’s important to carefully select the keywords to use in each ad.
Keywords are words or terms that users of interest use when searching for organization-related information. Keywords can be said to be those that trigger your ad, as your ad must be directly related to those words.
For example, an NGO seeks to support breast cancer patients. So the main keyword would be “breast cancer,” so the ad could show when a user included the words “breast cancer” in their Google search, no matter the rest of the sentence.
At the same time, to help users find what they are looking for and direct information to the public of interest, it is essential that keywords reflect the NGO’s mission and highlight the NGO’s programs and services.
On the other hand, ads can appear next to or above Google search results, so they can be easily and quickly identified and accessed.
It’s also important to identify the audience of interest and target the ads created to the right audience. Ads can be targeted to different geographic locations and languages, and you can set a specific distance from your organization’s service area and select regions, cities, or countries.

5-How to create a good ad?

For your ad to be considered efficient, it must reach the right audience. So creating an ad that appropriately reflects the nonprofit’s purpose, with the right keywords, is critical. To do this, it is essential to identify the unique aspects of the organization and the services it offers.

Here are some important criteria that a good announcement should include:

1. It’s a good idea to write 3 to 5 compelling ads for each ad group that are appropriate to the keywords in that ad group. This will rotate your ads and those in the best-serving group will take precedence.
2. Short, non-repetitive sentences are recommended when composing your ad. It has been shown that being concrete is more efficient.
3. It is important to avoid rare acronyms and abbreviations.
4. We recommend adding useful links under the ad, in order to highlight the message.

If your ad has the above criteria, you’re more likely to reach the audience of interest.

However, before you run your ad to show on the web, you should be aware of the following rules set by Google Ad Grants:

1. Ads will not feature images or video. These ads will be composed purely of text.
2. Ads will appear in Google search results only below paid customer ads.
3. Absolutely all campaigns should be keyword-oriented.
4. The cost per click will be maximum of $2.00 USD.
5. Your organization will receive $10,000 of advertising in Google Ads each month, with the option to increase this amount to a maximum of $40,000 usd by opting for the Grantspro program.

6-Keywords not allowed

Without a doubt, as mentioned above, keywords are a fundamental factor that determines the reach of your ad.
When choosing the right keywords it is essential to put yourself in the place of the user who performs the search on Google, in order to predict what the words you would type in the search engine would be and thus identify the ideal keywords to relate the ad.
However, not all kinds of words are allowed.

Google Ad Grants does not support the following keywords for ads:

1. Keywords containing a single word. Unless it is the brand name, recognized disease names and other exceptions.
In this section, it is important to note that words that include hyphens, dots, or special characters are not considered single-word keywords.
2. Keywords that are too generic.
3. Names of sites, events or historical characters.
4. Keywords with a quality level of less than 1 or 2.

Quality level is an estimate of how relevant your ads, keywords, and landing page are to people who see them. This can be found in the “Keywords” section → “Modify Columns” → “Quality Level” section after you are signed in to your Google Ads account. Accounts that use a non-allowed keyword may be suspended without notice.

7-Google Ad Grants ad requirements

At this level, different nonprofits already know Google Ad Grants and know how it works, understand what it takes to create an efficient ad that contributes to your cause, and have the basic notions of which keywords are correct and which are not allowed in different ads. However, there are certain requirements imposed by Google Ad Grants that any ad must meet before it is published.

These requirements are as follows:

1. Ads may not redirect you to other websites. You can only target the domain of the publicized nonprofit’s website.
2. It is not permitted to apply for real estate, cars or similar as a donation, or to offer financial products. Similarly, keywords cannot be used by referencing the above.
3. Promotional advertisements for a product or service within the website are strictly prohibited.
4. You must continuously work on your Google Ads account to keep it active. If no activity is posted to the account within 90 days it will be automatically cancelled without prior notice.
5. The text of the ads must be directly related to the purposes of the non-profit organization. At the same time, keywords must be consistent with each other and must also be related to entity activities.
It is important to note that if NGO ads do not meet the requirements described above your account may be suspended without notice.

8-How to manage ads?

Once your organization has activated your ad, you can use Google Analytics to track actions that users take once they’re on the web page. This tool also lets you know how many conversions were achieved with a specific ad to perform an analysis to see which ad generates the most.
Examples of conversions include donations, purchases, ticket sales, subscriptions, email records, and more.
Google Analytics gives NGOs a broad perspective on their ads and movements. Other useful tools that can be used by non-profit entities are Google Apps and Google AdWords.

9-How to increase Google Ads advertising monthlyity?

For some nonprofits, the $10,000 ad monthly payment offered by Google Ad Grants is not enough, so many opt for the Google GrantsPro program. This aims to increase advertising and thereby the chances of publicize their initiatives and services towards society.
Google GrantsPro offers a monthly fee of $40,000 in advertising to non-profit organizations that have previously used Google Ad Grants and are looking to expand their web presence.

The requirements to apply to be part of the Google GrantsPro program are as follows:

1. Have spent at least 99% of the $10,000 usd per month offered by Google Ad Grants or more, for at least two months.
2. Get a Click-through Rate from Impressions (CTR) of more than 1%.
3. Keep an adequate track of the conversions obtained.
4. Submit an application introducing the reasons for the increase in monthly payment.
5. Try to work to keep the account active. For this we recommend modifying the text of the ads, making updates, making changes, among others, at least once every two weeks.
6. Complete the surveys that Google sends.




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