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Specific Performance Max Ads campaigns

What are Performance Max Campaigns?

They are the Evolution in Digital Advertising.

Performance Max Campaigns deliver responsive ads across all of Google’s key networks: Search, Display, YouTube, Gmail and Discover. Formats that adapt to each platform for an impactful presence.
We guide you and configure campaigns in an innovative way. The best practices to make the most of their potential and maximize your results.

Best Practices in Performance Max ADS

Strategies designed for success

https://www.creatiklab.com/en/google-ads/Proven experiences and results and backed by our Google Ads Agency Partner. From configuration to optimization, we adopt best practices for exceptional performance. And a good results report.

We Add Negative Keywords to Performance Max​

We refine your Strategy by incorporating negative keywords. Learn how to prevent your ads from showing on irrelevant searches and improve the effectiveness of your ad spend.

Google Shopping vs. Performance Max

Informed Decision for Outstanding Results

We will analyze the unique advantages of each approach for your case, helping you select the strategy that best aligns with your marketing objectives.

Local and Shopping campaigns are over, they will now become Performance Max campaigns.

Audience Signals by Performance Max

Connect Faster and More Effectively

Discover how Google Audience Signals accelerate your campaigns, we connect with the right audience efficiently. We attract relevant clients.

Precise strategies, we maximize the impact of your ads by customer type, we focus on what really matters.

ADS with Google AI

Machine Learning That Grows Your Business

Google’s AI automatically learns that you sell more. We set budget, goals and conversions, and Google’s AI will search for potential customers. The most suitable ad to maximize performance. We meet your business objectives in real time. Smart Bidding with attribution technology determines the best options for your Perfomance Max campaign.

Success Story in Performance Max

Transforming Ads Into Leads

At CreatikLab, we have helped more than 1,000 companies like yours achieve their goals. From significant increases in CTR to impressive reductions in CPL, discover how we maximize results for your business.

Customer Experience and Results

We design your advertising campaign

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