Google Ads ad credit for small and medium businesses

Google Ads ad credit for small and medium-sized businesses

Covid-19 is the health crisis that hit the planet, sowing a panorama of uncertainty in 2020 . The effect of the Coronavirus has completely transformed the lifestyle of societies, which have had to take refuge at home to prevent the spread of this pandemic.

At this time, some of the most questioned aspects that this pandemic has generated have to do with the economy. The various nations of the planet have a strong concern about how the quarantine phenomenon will affect finances at a national and international level.

The companies are on hiatus. And it has been precisely the SMEs that have been hit the hardest by the crisis generated by Covid-19 , because they have had to redefine their work strategy, to continue to have income and stay in business. the sector.

Free Adwords credit

Google, as an international corporation, has had a strong commitment to what this pandemic has represented. Like other companies worldwide, it has taken its civil liability policy very seriously. That is why it has established various strategies to face the Coronavirus.

One of the most interesting has to do with its Adwords platform, which for years has been the most effective solution to generate positioning of companies in terms of digital marketing (internet advertising) and social networks . It is normal that in the midst of this crisis, many SMEs refrain from investing in Google Ads and its online advertising management offer.

And even when the quarantine stage is cleared, not everyone will have the solvency to invest in Adwords. For the moment, SMEs are focused on how to save, so that when the situation normalizes, they can continue to offer their products and / or services in the sector.

In response to this problem, Google Ads decided to establish a free credit and financing program for small and medium-sized businesses.

More than 90% of AdWords services come from SMEs

In one of its recent communications, Google made it clear that it decided to offer a total of $ 340 million in advertising credits. Google, which openly recognizes that Adwords is used 90% by SMEs , has decided to offer them support throughout the remainder of 2020.

The free credit will be given to all those companies that have been linked to Google Ads since the beginning of 2019. For Google, it is important to offer free credit for entrepreneurs, because as indicated by the World Bank, half of the jobs at the worldwide are generated thanks to SMEs.

The idea is to favor the use of advertising advertisements (ads) to strengthen relationships between entrepreneurs and their customers . The credits will be granted to those advertisers who have been managing Smart Campaings (SMB), which are properly smart campaigns designed by companies that do not have a marketing team to support them, or even that do not even have a website.

How to access credits: am I eligible?

After recognizing the impact of the Coronavirus and beginning to implement solutions to face this pandemic, the availability of the value that will be delivered to each entrepreneur will be notified to entrepreneurs through their official Google Ads accounts , as well as by email.

If your profile as an entrepreneur fits within the conditions that Adwords has stipulated to benefit SMEs, in a few days or weeks you will be receiving the notification that you can use said free credit. The free credit that will be assigned to you can be used until December 31, 2020.

In case the credit is not used during this time, then said capital will be transferred to Google. The most interesting news for many entrepreneurs has been that the credit in question will be available to be used both on platforms such as YouTube, and in search and display ads.

All that are Adwords services, in their entirety, can be used by entrepreneurs. There is no doubt that with this corporate strategy, Google Ads provides entrepreneurs with financial support that will help them face the impact that Covid-19 is having in all sectors.


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